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A 2017 T680 Kenworth From Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth Lowers On-Road Costs

By Matthew Brandt on December 5, 2016 Cost Savings,Fuel Efficiency,Kenworth T680,Trucks

November 30, 2016 – Coopersburg, PA – Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth would like to remind owners, operators, and fleet managers that the new 2017 T680 Kenworth is the best option on the road for reducing operating costs.

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Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth Announces Huge Truck Savings On New and Used Kenworth Trucks

  Coopersburg, PA – April, 2016—Finding high-quality used Kenworth trucks has been a difficult task for many buyers. Lots don’t carry enough inventory, making finding the right truck to fit your needs difficult. Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth offers a wide variety of used Kenworth trucks and also has an with an extensive selection of other top quality vehicles to fit your needs. Coopersburg & […]

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Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth Offers Reduced Prices on Used Kenworth Trucks with Day Cabs

By Matt Brandt on April 21, 2016 Cost Savings,Day Cab Trucks,Used Kenworth Trucks

Finding the right commercial truck for your business is not always as easy as a Sunday drive. With so many options on the market, it can become overwhelming. At Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth, they offer a wide selection of used Kenworth trucks, and have reduced the prices on their day cab models. But are day cabs right for you? Ask […]

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Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth Announces Arrival of the Kenworth T680

By Matt Brandt on April 20, 2016 Commercial Vehicles,Cost Savings,Kenworth T680

Coopersburg, PA – March 6, 2016— Kenworth has long been considered an industry leader in truck design and development, consistently delivering innovative trucks year after year. Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth is proud to carry the new T680 Kenworth, which is set to revolutionize the industry once again through the marriage of machine and technology.

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Don’t Over Pay for Your T680 Kenworth, Low Cost Models Available at Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth

At Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth, you can find a huge selection of the T680 Kenworth at low prices, so you can get the truck you want, at a price you can afford. The Kenworth T680 provides many driver benefits including:

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How the PACCAR MX-11 engine in the T880 dump truck Kenworth for Sale at Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth, Can Help Lower Operating Costs

The newest Kenworth model for sale at Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth offers drivers much more than a smoother ride and advanced technologies. When purchased with the PACCAR MX-11 engine, the T880 dump truck Kenworth also provides outstanding fuel economy and other cost saving features.

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Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth Announces Dozens of Used Kenworth Trucks at Reduced Prices

By Matt Brandt on March 1, 2016 Cost Savings,Used Kenworth Trucks

Coopersburg, PA – February, 2016 – Brighten up winter by getting a used Kenworth truck at a reduced price at Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth in New Jersey or Pennsylvania. With many of the dozens of trucks in the used truck inventory offering excellent cost savings, clients will be able to find the perfect used Kenworth truck.

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Visit Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth now to Find Reduced Prices on Used Kenworth Trucks

In the event you’re a driver that faces long trips and consistent overnight stays, a sleeper cab truck may be the best investment you can make for yourself or your business. Instead of spending money on motels and other facilities, you can use your cab as a place to rest your head, and also as […]

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Come See the Price Reductions on Used Kenworth Trucks for Sale at Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth

By Matt Brandt on February 25, 2016 Cost Savings,Used Kenworth Trucks

Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth is helping drivers gear up for spring with excellent prices on their used Kenworth trucks and other brands of used day cabs. Day cabs offer workers who don’t need overnight accommodations the perfect option for a heavy duty truck. A used day cab truck can give you an extra boost of value, allowing you to get […]

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Visit Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth now to Find Excellent Prices on the T680 Kenworth

By Matt Brandt on February 24, 2016 Commercial Vehicles,Cost Savings,Kenworth T680

The Kenworth T680 is definitely a well-known truck. However, the question for many is—is it as good as the hype? Now that the 2016 Kenworth T680s have hit the market, people want to know if it is worth a look, and the investment. With good reviews from both commercial trucking industry professionals and drivers, and with the low prices available at Coopersburg & […]

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Kenworth Offer You the Best Selection of Kenworth Trucks For Sale

By Matt Brandt on November 12, 2015 Cost Analysis,Cost Savings

Kenworth trucks for sale at Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth are among some of the finest options for your industrial truck needs. From the immensely popular T880, to a variety of other models suitable for many uses, you will know that you are getting one of the best trucks in the industry. Regardless of whether you plan to buy […]

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How To Perform A Cost Per Mile Analysis When Considering Kenworth Trucks For Sale

By Matt Brandt on November 9, 2015 Cost Analysis,Cost Savings,Sleeper Trucks

Within the trucking marketplace, knowing and anticipating operational costs can help owners improve their chances of success in coming years. Many still encounter challenges when analyzing the various models of trucks for sale from leaders such as Kenworth, and few owners are effective in measuring the cost per mile of a truck they may purchase. […]

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Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth Highlights the Cost Saving Advantages of the T680

By Matt Brandt on September 24, 2015 Cost Savings,Kenworth T680

Coopersburg, PA-based truck sales experts, Coopersburg &Liberty Kenworth have recently highlighted the long-term cost saving value of their latest T680 truck. The Kenworth T680 features the innovative PACCAR MX-13 engine, which offers powerful yet lightweight components to reduce fuel consumption, in addition to superior class, and reliable engineering that limits the frequency of service intervals. […]

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