T680 Trucks

A Look at The Future of Kenworth T680 Trucks in New York

By Matthew Brandt on June 12, 2017 T680 Trucks

It’s well-known that Kenworth T680 trucks in New York are the most aerodynamic and fuel-efficient Class 8 trucks on the road today. Every month, more fleet operators are discovering that an investment into T680s leads directly to lowered on-the-road operating costs, often a reduction of 10% or more! Likewise, they’ve been awarded repeatedly for their […]

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Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth Has You Covered for Kenworth T680 Trucks for Sale in the Washington, DC, Area

By Matthew Brandt on March 22, 2017 T680 Trucks

Everyone wants the new Kenworth T680! This revolutionary truck is quickly becoming one of the most popular vehicles on the road. Unfortunately, you may find a limited selection of Kenworth T680 trucks for sale in Washington, DC.

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4 Features on Pennsylvania Kenworth T680 Trucks You Might Not Know About

By Matthew Brandt on February 2, 2017 T680 Trucks

It’s no surprise that people investigating Pennsylvania Kenworth T680 trucks are being drawn to that model.  One of Kenworth’s newest models, in just a few years the T680 has turned plenty of heads thanks to its great looks, comfortable interior, and serious technological advances in pursuit of greater fuel efficiency.

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5 Ways New Jersey Kenworth T680 Trucks Can Save You Money

By Matthew Brandt on February 1, 2017 T680 Trucks

New Jersey Kenworth T680 Trucks are “The World’s Best” in more ways than one!

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