Common Customizable Features on New Kenworth Trucks for Sale

Kenworth Dump Trucks for Sale

Kenworth, the world renowned distributor of hard working, powerful commercial trucks, allows most of their models to be customized to fit any need across multiple industries. The Kenworth trucks for sale at Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth in New Jersey and Pennsylvania are prime examples of this brand’s versatility.

Customized Cab Options

Likely one of the more recognized features to be customized is the cab. Kenworth models are available in both day cab and sleeper cab options, with extended size options for sleeper cabs, depending on the model.

Day cabs are ideal for local runs where the drivers will have the ability to go home at the end of the day. Day cabs are likely to have a lower overall weight than the extended sleeper cab. Sleeper cabs, on the other hand, are perfect for long haul companies, as they give drivers the option to save on hotel fees and the headache of finding parking near hotels.

Typical Axle Configurations on Kenworth Trucks for Sale

Axle configurations play a huge part in the trucks usability. States often have regulations regarding weight distribution over the axles on commercial vehicles to help reduce wear and damage to public roads. The axle configurations on Kenworth trucks are extremely versatile and can include, among others:

  • Single axles
  • Tandem axles
  • Tri axles

The type of configuration needed depends on the type of work the truck will be used for, as well as local laws regarding weight distribution.

Engine Type

A truck’s reputation is only as good as the engine under the hood. The Kenworth trucks for sale at Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth are available with the popular PACCAR engines, most notably the MX-13 and MX-11. The MX-13 is the most powerful option and a very efficient engine, though for businesses that do not need a ton of power under the hood, the MX-11 offers excellent performance and even better efficiency.

At Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth, they take great pride in providing the best in commercial vehicles at low prices.

For more information about the Kenworth trucks for sale at Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth, please contact their professional and knowledgeable staff today, or stop on by their large yards in either New Jersey and Pennsylvania to test drive your new Kenworth truck.

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