Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth Dump Trucks for Sale in Pennsylvania and New Jersey

By John Pospischil on January 18, 2016 Cold Weather Solutions,Dump Trucks,Used Kenworth Trucks


Some industries slow down in the winter, especially with the onslaught of extreme weather in the Northeast. For truck drivers in New Jersey and Pennsylvania it’s the opposite—they have the opportunity for additional work when the snow comes. By investing in a Kenworth dump truck for sale today, you’ll have the option to help out in a variety of ways, including snow removal.

Outfitting Your Kenworth Dump Truck for Snow Removal

Kenworth is a legendary name in the trucking industry. It continues to make waves with performance, technology and comfort. Kenworth has a variety of models that work as dump trucks, including the T880, W900 and T800. Choose from different sizes, and outfit your Kenworth truck with a winter front to protect from ice and snow buildup. You’ll also want to invest in winter wipers and potentially a plow. The right accessories make handling the harshest days a snap, letting you get to the site and remove excess snow efficiently.

Other Winter Uses for Dump Trucks

Snow removal isn’t the only job option. Individuals, cities, counties and businesses are always looking to dump trucks to remove storm debris, haul salt and plow. Kenworth’s trucks are capable of handling various terrain and inclement weather.

Ready-for-Winter Special

Have your dump truck inspected for heating, defrosting, coolant, hoses and belts. When working in harsh conditions, optimal performance is essential. For $99 through 2/29/16, the service team at Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth will check over these areas and more to make sure everything is functioning properly for winter.

Finding a Dump Truck at Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth

Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth has new and used dump trucks for sale at both the New Jersey and Pennsylvania locations. You’ll find tri-axle designs and a variety of sizes and price points. The sales professionals at Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth can help you select your ideal truck.

When purchasing a truck, it’s helpful to do your research first. Decide what you want to use your dump truck for beyond snow removal. If you choose to go with a used vehicle, make sure to ask for the vehicle’s history. Go over each available model and decide based on performance, fuel economy, handling and size. Make sure to take a test drive before finalizing the paperwork. The sales team at Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth can answer any additional questions you have.

Kenworth dump trucks fulfill a variety of jobs, including the necessary tough winter ones. Come check out the dump trucks for sale at Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth to purchase a dump truck today.