Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth has a Large Selection of Day Cabs for Sale in Pennsylvania and New Jersey

By John Pospischil on January 12, 2016 Day Cab Trucks,Kenworth T880,Used Kenworth Trucks


For most people without knowledge of the trucking industry, a cab is just a cab. There is no understanding that not all trucks are the same, and that each serves a different purpose and performs a different job. One of the biggest differences in cabs is day versus sleeper. For those who regularly make a long haul, sleepers are the best cost-saving option. If you rarely have an overnight, a day cab may be the better choice.

Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth are premier, full-service truck dealerships that offer a wide variety of day cab trucks for sale at both its Pennsylvania and New Jersey locations. If you’re in the market for a new or used day cab in 2016, a visit to one of our dealerships will get you on your way to selecting the right one for you.

Day Cab Uses

Day cabs serve a multitude of purposes. The only difference between the day cab and sleeper is that, with a day cab, you’re more likely to sleep in your own bed each night. There are several makes, models, drive trains and fuel economies available in day cabs, as well. You can choose from single or tandem drive axles, with lift axles available for those extremely heavy loads. Day cabs will typically tackle construction and short distance hauling or be fitted with tankers and mixers for specific vocational jobs.

Should you Buy a New or Used Day Cab?

Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth have both new and used day cab trucks for sale. What you decide to go with depends primarily on your intended use and affordability. The new day cabs for sale at Coopersburg & Liberty offer models like the Kenworth T880 and T800. Used day cabs trucks for sale include the Kenworth T800, W900 and C500, as well as models from Peterbilt and Mack.

When deciding whether to buy a new or used day cab truck, do some research first. Ask yourself how long you expect to use the truck, and if features available on newer models are a necessity or not. If it comes down to price, and used is the best option, get a thorough history and look into past reviews of the particular model you’re interested in. The sales staff at Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth is always happy to answer all your questions and give you the necessary information to make your decision. Our team can also assist you in determining the best financing option for your new truck, making every part of the purchase process easy!

Typical Day Cab Features

Most day cabs have driver and passenger seating and basic features for short-term work. Cup holders, radios and comfortable seats are typical on all models. The newer the model, the more technology bells and whistles you’ll find. Bestsellers like Kenmore’s T880 offer a wide variety of options to make the most of the driver experience.

The Kenworth T880 Day Cab

The Kenworth T880 is known as the workhorse in the industry—it’s always ready to tackle the toughest terrain and inclement driving conditions. The newest T880 model boasts features like enhanced comfort seating, Kenworth’s exclusive Smart-Wheel and NavPlus. NavPlus is a communications and diagnostics center, and allows drivers to monitor performance, enjoy entertainment and communicate with the outside world.

The Coopersburg & Liberty Difference

Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth in Pennsylvania and New Jersey prides themselves on customer satisfaction.  Making sure you get a new or used truck that best fits your needs is our goal. If you’re looking for a new or used day cab truck for sale in Pennsylvania or New Jersey, contact Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth today.

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