Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth Offers A Broad Range of Tri-Axle Dump Trucks for Sale

By John Pospischil on November 11, 2015 Dump Trucks,Kenworth T880,Tri-Axle Dump Trucks


Coopersburg &Liberty Kenworth has recently begun showcasing their full inventory of tri-axle dump trucks for sale. The company’s vehicle selection includes the Kenworth T880, which is designed to offer leading-class levels of hauling performance for even the most challenging demands.

Tri-axle dump trucks must be engineered for robust performance to ensure durability and power for fleet operators and drivers. Investing in a new vehicle can cost companies tens of thousands of dollars and it’s imperative that the vehicle they select has the performance levels required to accomplish all on road requirements with seamless power and precision. That’s why so many operators are now working with Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth. a company offering the market’s leading tri-axle dump trucks for sale.

By purchasing the latest tri-axle dump trucks, such as the T880, operators can rest assured that their drivers will be able to get the job done. Backed by its advanced steering geometry, the T880 combines high class maneuverability with enough raw power to pull the largest of loads. This power is backed by a radiator that can cool the engine even under the most demanding of conditions. It’s the leading choice for high-power hauling and dump truck fleet requirements.

There’s a complete range market-leading new and used tri-axle dump trucks for sale now at Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth. To learn more on the company and their vehicles, please contact their office team at 1-888-453-7952 or visit their business website at

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