Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth T680 Trucks for Sale in Pennsylvania Cover All Your Winter Needs

By John Pospischil on January 19, 2016 Cold Weather Solutions,Kenworth T680


Winter is here in Pennsylvania, and with it inclement weather and treacherous terrain. Business doesn’t stop when the weather gets bad, which means the best way to handle it is to optimize your Kenworth T680 for an enhanced winter performance.

The Benefits of a Kenworth in Winter

The Kenworth T680 has an array of safety features that make it ideal for winter conditions. The triple-sealed doors will keep the harshest elements out and ensure the driver is warm and comfortable. The Driver Performance Assistant anticipates terrain to maximize fuel economy and braking. Added components and elements like strategically placed mirrors will enhance visibility, even when it has been limited due to severe weather. Stay connected with technology so you can reach people when you need to. Hands-free Bluetooth capabilities allow you to make calls while staying focused on the road.

Winter Add-ons for the Kenworth T680

Take your truck to the next level for winter with added accessories. Elevate your truck’s performance with a winter front. A winter front protects your radiator and grill from snow and ice. This keeps your engine temperatures optimized for a seamless performance. It will also let you get your truck moving faster so you can get your work done.

Add a pair of winter wipers to battle extreme weather from your windshield. Winter wipers keep your blades snow-free, and keep your vision clearer during the most extreme weather conditions.

The Winter Workhorse

No matter how you configure your T680, it can handle any hauling job in practically any conditions in the Northest. The Kenworth T680 is certainly built tough to handle even the worst winter conditions..

Ready for Winter Special at Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth in Pennsylvania

Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth in Pennsylvania is offering a Ready for Winter special to get your truck prepared for the weather. For $99, the service team will inspect your truck’s coolant level, check your wipers, inspect hoses and check heater and defroster performance.

Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth has Kenworth T680 trucks for sale in Pennsylvania. With a large selection to choose from, you can find a T680 perfect for your winter needs.