Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth’s Tri-Axle Dump Trucks for Sale Have You Covered in Winter Months

By John Pospischil on November 17, 2015 Cold Weather Solutions,Dump Trucks,Kenworth T880


When purchasing a truck, buyers in the market should be looking for trucks that can withstand the coldest of weather.  A dependable truck is important, but the ability for a truck to handle smoothly and safely during the winter months is of utmost importance.  The team at Coopersburg and Liberty Kenworth are dedicated to helping you find the best tri-axle dump trucks for sale.  This article will discuss some of the important specifications to look for when selecting a truck for the winter.

The Kenworth T880 was named the 2015 American Truck Dealers (ATD) Truck of the Year. This truck is dependable and versatile; an overall beast of a truck.  This truck will not let you down in terms of safety and adaptability on the road during those grueling winter months.

The T880 comes equipped with a wider cab dash, giving you better peripheral visibility during those heavy snowfalls.  Make sure to also purchase a good set of winter wipers, and you’ve got a dash set for winter driving conditions.

Another important aspect to winter driving is engine stability and dependability.  Nobody wants to be caught in sub-zero temperatures trying to get their rig to start.  It’s important that your truck be able to withstand hours of idling without eating up massive amounts of fuel.  The tri-axle dump trucks for sale at Coopersburg &Liberty Kenworth are dependable vehicles you can rely on in those extreme winter months.  The Kenworth T880 will definitely live up to the challenges of the winter, and give you everything you need from your rig.

When looking for stability on the road, solid construction and maneuverability are essential for the perfect truck. A wide wheelbase will ensure control and handling, especially in the winter months.  The Kenworth T880 at Coopersburg and Liberty Kenworth will provide you with a 228 inch wheelbase that gives you amazing control for a truck its size.

With the ability to handle curves and turns with ease, the T880 is a truck with exceptional engineering. Combine the wheelbase with air disc brakes, and you have a rig that will respond quickly and efficiently to each tap of the brakes, ensuring quick and timely stops.  A dash-mounted exhaust brake switch also provides additional braking power with each downshift.

Rear air suspension gives the truck the ability to stay glued to the pavement, which is a definite necessity for winter driving.  The T880 also comes standard with a Primaax rear-air suspension system.  Even without a full load, this suspension system will keep the truck hugged to the road without skidding.

Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth are dedicated to providing excellent service and sales.  They stock an impressive selection of tri-axle dump trucks for sale that can meet a wide variety of your hauling needs. From new to used trucks, their team provides exceptional service in helping you find the perfect truck for you needs. Visit for more information.

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