Expand Your Fleet at Minimal Cost with Used Kenworth Trucks

By John Pospischil on May 19, 2016 Used Kenworth Trucks

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There’s no better way to fill out your fleet, or to replace aging vehicles, than with used Kenworth trucks from Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth!

Used Kenworth Trucks:  The Smart Purchase

Kenworth trucks hold their value better than most working vehicles, and that’s directly due to the consummate craftsmanship and dedication to build quality which Kenworth insists on.  They aren’t called “The World’s Best” for nothing!  A used Kenworth can still outclass a new truck from most other brands, while bringing you both savings and value.  

By buying used, you can cut tens of thousands of dollars off the cost of each new vehicle, while still having complete assurance that it has years of service left in it.  And with a full range of used Kenworth trucks available, there are options for every business, industrial, or municipal need.

Our selection currently includes:

  • More than one hundred used sleeper trucks, ready to roll off the lot, including 2016 models!  Many can be had for under $100K, saving you lots of money.
  • Dozens of day cab trucks, perfect for local hauling.
  • Used dump trucks fully sterilized and ready to be put back into service for residential or industrial applications.
  • Fire trucks and other used service vehicles, which are an excellent option for boosting municipal services while passing the savings on to the taxpayers.
  • Single, double, and tri-axle, , ready for a wide range of trailers and deployments.
  • Tanker and vacuum trucks, ready for safe containment and transportation of wet loads, even hazardous materials.
  • Specialty equipment, including oversized flatbeds, cement mixers, car-carriers, and more – just call to find out what we have in-stock.

Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth also keeps an extensive stock of used parts available as well, ready to be added to your garage operations at minimal expense.

Trade-In for Greater Savings

When you’re looking to update your fleet, trade-in options are available for most working trucks, allowing you to save even more on your fleet purchases.  We will happily discuss trade-ins on any brand of truck, not just Kenworth, allowing you to trade-up to the world’s best brand of heavy-duty vehicle.

All this makes fleet upgrades obtainable for virtually any organization in need of true Kenworth workhorses.

Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth are among the top sellers of fleet vehicles, parts, and accessories in the northeast.  With locations serving both Pennsylvania and New Jersey, we’re conveniently located and ready to help you build the best fleet possible. Call us today!

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