Kenworth Dump Trucks For Sale – The UltraShift Option at Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth

By John Pospischil on November 11, 2015 Dump Trucks,Fuel Efficiency,Transmissions

Why UltraShift Trounces All Other Transmission Technologies

Traditional manual transmissions are now becoming a thing of the past as more drivers shift to an easier to operate automated manual transmission (AMT) or full automatics. One technology that has become particularly popular at Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth is the UltraShift transmission.

So, why would someone choose an UltraShift transmission over other technologies like an auto-shift transmission? The answer is simple; an UltraShift transmission improves both safety and fuel economy!

Essentially, the UltraShift transmission uses an electronic clutch actuator and shift selection software to make decisions based on throttle position, vehicle weight, engine torque, and grade. In automatic, manual, and low modes, the driver is in full control.

The main difference between auto-shift and UltraShift transmissions is that, with auto-shift, the driver uses the clutch pedal to start and stop the truck, with everything else in-between being automated, whereas the UltraShift transmission has gone an extra step and automated the operation of the clutch as well. The clutch is still present, but there is no pedal to do the activating. Instead, you’ll find a centrifugal clutch system that locks as the engine revs increase, and unlocks as the engine spools down. The good news is that the new configuration doesn’t need any extra space.

UltraShift makes the Kenworth T880 flawless

An excellent example where UltraShift transmission has been used to significantly improve performance is in the Kenworth T880. Powered by the reliable PACCAR MX-13 engine, the Kenworth T880 is efficient with the clean-running engine delivering up to 500HP and 1,800 lb./ft. of torque.

The UltraShift transmission ensures maximum optimization of the whole engine/transmission package. In fact, fuel economy of the UltraShift package is almost better than an experienced driver using a manual transmission.

On the road, the vital role played by an UltraShift transmission is clearly evident, as it makes operating the Kenworth T880 remarkably easy. You don’t need any technical skills to operate the truck, and the driver gets to concentrate on what is happening around the truck, while the transmission picks the right gear for the condition. The T880 is where you will see the true potential of an UltraShift transmission.

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