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By John Pospischil on November 12, 2015 Cost Analysis,Cost Savings


Kenworth trucks for sale at Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth are among some of the finest options for your industrial truck needs. From the immensely popular T880, to a variety of other models suitable for many uses, you will know that you are getting one of the best trucks in the industry. Regardless of whether you plan to buy a tanker truck or some other truck type, it is helpful to know how to analyze your costs per mile.

A cost per mile analysis will spare you from having problems with unexpected operating costs. Without an accurate assessment of your mileage costs, it is difficult to charge the right prices to your customers. As a result, your ability to make the maximum profit suffers.

Taking a three-fold approach that has been proven within the industry is the best way to ensure you compute your costs in an accurate way. Fixed costs, variable costs, and the employee salaries are all part of an accurate cost per mile analysis. An accounting program that accurately categorizes these expenses can make everything much easier.

The fixed costs associated with a truck include monthly expenses like permits, licensing, registration, truck and property lease costs and insurance. Because these expenses stay consistent on a monthly basis, you can rely on them when calculating out your costs. As you decide which Kenworth trucks for sale to buy, you will find that your fixed costs are a dependable base.

Variable costs will be somewhat trickier in many cases, largely because they are based on prices that fluctuate. Repairs, maintenance, tires and fuel are some examples of variable expenses. Expenses also increase with the truck’s usage and age, so it is always wise to recalculate monthly.

Driver salaries also need to be calculated within the total cost per mile, and will often account for a large part of the expense.

Adding up all three of the cost types and dividing by the miles driven will help you produce an accurate analysis of the cost per mile for your new Kenworth truck. Taking on additional work is one good way to maximize the value of your new truck when costs increase.

A cost per mile analysis is very beneficial when you are deciding to invest in either a new or used truck.

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