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By John Pospischil on May 17, 2016 trucks for sale

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“The World’s Best.”  For Kenworth, it’s not just a motto, it’s a standard they strive to live up to every day, as one of the most popular brands of working truck on the market.  Kenworth’s are true workhorses, with options available to fit every commercial, industrial, or municipal need.

Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth has a full line of Kenworth trucks for sale, including Classes 6, 7, and 8 trucks, making them one of the premiere dealers of Kenworth vehicles in the Northeast.  With decades of experience and an extensive collection of both new and used vehicles -including new 2017 models- Coopersburg & Liberty has come to be trusted by their many satisfied clients.

Kenworth:  The Right Truck for The Right Job

Kenworth trucks for sale consist of everything an operation might need, including:

  • Kenworth T880:  The top of Kenworth’s line, the T880 is a Class 8 monster which can carry even the heaviest of loads effortlessly, while providing maximum comfort to the driver. Backed by a maxxed-out Paccar MX-13 engine with up to 500HP and 1,850 lb-ft. of torque, the T880 is the heavy-duty hauler.
  • Kenworth T680:  Designed for efficiency, the T680 is the most aerodynamic and fuel-efficient Class 8 truck on the market.  Every inch of its design is built to reduce drag, with numerous smart, computer-controlled optimizations.  A T680 can lower your fuel consumption by 10 percent or more, while still getting the job done right every time.
  • Kenworth C500:  When a load needs to go anywherethe C500 will get it there.  The Class 8 off-road vehicle can go where most trucks fear to tread, and can be custom-fitted for the needs of virtually any environment on earth.  Mud?  Snow?  Steep inclines?  The C500 laughs them off while providing a safe ride.
  • Kenworth T440:  Are you looking for a jack-of-all-trades truck ready for a variety of applications?  The Class 7 T440 has nearly the power of a Class 8, with a smaller and more lightweight body.   The T440 is a great mix that can serve in multiple roles and become a go-to solution for your hauling needs.

Stop by Coopersburg & Liberty to learn more about our current models of Kenworth trucks for sale. Our lot features hundreds of vehicles for every conceivable application, ready to roll off the lot and into your fleet!  Contact us today for more information about how Kenworth can get you there.

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