Looking to Buy Used Kenworth Trucks New York? Get Better Deals from Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth!

By John Pospischil on May 17, 2017 Used Trucks

Used Kenworth Trucks New York

If you’re looking to buy used Kenworth trucks New York, finding good deals and selections on working vehicles in the Empire State can be a real challenge, particularly if you’re anywhere in the greater NYC area. The lack of available land makes it extremely difficult for dealers to keep the sort of stock on hand that makes for a good buyer experience.

That’s why more and more people who want to buy used Kenworth trucks in New York are driving a little ways to Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth instead! The extra time investment can pay off, because we can offer far better deals and one of the best experiences you’re likely to ever have at a truck dealership.

Coopersburg & Liberty: A Great Alternative to Buy Used Kenworth Trucks In New York

Just for starters, we have two lots – one here in Pennsylvania, the other in New Jersey, so no matter where you are in the state, we’re not that far away. But since we’re located where land is far more plentiful, we can offer far more as well! We’ve got 25 acres at our main Coopersburg, PA, location along with another 15 acres in Swedesboro, NJ.  

That means we’ve got the space to stock dozens and dozens of great used Kenworth trucks at both locations, with a wide variety of year/mileage/price options to fit your budget.

Plus, we don’t only carry used Kenworth vehicles. We take trade-ins on any vehicles which are still running and street-legal, so you can find superior pre-owned deals on a wide variety of brands including Mack, Freightliner, Peterbilt, Western Star, International, Volvo, Ford, and more!  Of course, this also means that we’re happy to discuss trade-ins on your used vehicles as well. There’s no better way to cut the cost of upgrades.

The best part about coming to buy used Kenworth Trucks in New York with Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth is that we have room for gigantic parts stores at both locations, as well as state-of-the-art repair, upgrade, and painting facilities. If you want to customize your vehicle before driving it off the lot, that’s no problem at all. With over ten thousand aftermarket parts available and plenty of service bays, we can handle practically any request you throw at us.

Get the Best from Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth

Our decades in business allow us to offer better deals for those looking to buy used Kenworth Trucks in New York.  Come visit today and see for yourself!

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