Why It Makes Sense to Buy and Sell Used Kenworth Trucks with Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth

By John Pospischil on December 10, 2016 Trucks,Used Kenworth Trucks

Used Kenworth TrucksThere’re no two ways about it, trucking can be an expensive game. Whether you’re maintaining your own vehicle or managing an entire fleet for a business or governmental entity, the costs associated can be huge – even if they’re necessary.

That’s why Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth wants to do everything we can to ensure our vehicles are as affordable as possible, and that you have plenty of options to cut costs. The country needs trucks on the road, now more than ever, and we want to help make it happen! We’re one of the top options in used Kenworth trucks in the area, and that’s only part of how we try to keep your costs low.

A Vast Selection of Used Vehicles

For starters, a huge portion of our forty acres of lot space is devoted to used Kenworth trucks, as well as plenty of used options from other manufacturers as well. These are at a range of mileage and price points.

Great Trade-In Options

We’ll accept trade-ins on practically any still-working vehicle and, again, we accept used Kenworth trucks as well as those from any other manufacturer certified for American roads. It’s a perfect way to upgrade your truck -or your fleet- while minimizing additional expenses even if you’re looking at our new 2017 models.

Inexpensive Certifications and Tune-Ups

We offer full range services and a body shop to ensure your truck is ready for the road, at affordable prices. Our in-house repair shop can also give your truck a full tune-up or wheel alignment as well. Keep an eye on our service specials; we run discounts throughout the year to keep these necessary bits of tuning affordable.

Used Parts

Looking to pick up some spare parts, or do some upgrades on the cheap? We keep a stock of used parts alongside our Kenworth trucks. Since our used part selection changes often, we can’t keep the website fully updated. Contact us or come by to see what we currently stock.  

You Get More from Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth

It’s easy to see why we’re such a popular destination for truckers throughout the Northeast. Few other dealers can match our range of services and options for keeping your truck as low-cost as possible. 

Want to know more?  Contact us for more information about our cost-cutting options!

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