Ninety Years of Revolution: Kenworth Day Cab Trucks For Sale

By John Pospischil on November 16, 2015 Day Cab Trucks,Kenworth T880


For over ninety years, Kenworth day cab industrial and commercial trucks have provided the best in reliability, while delivering elegant styling and new innovations that reduce driver fatigue and improve driver comfort. By reducing driver fatigue and promoting driver comfort, Kenworth is leading the way by making safety an essential part of their day cabs. When looking for day cab trucks for sale for your business, Coopersburg Kenworth & Liberty Kenworth have you covered.

Day Cab Changes Over the Years

Pioneered in the rugged American Northwest, Kenworth trucks have always placed an emphasis on driver comfort. The first day cabs in 1923 featured little more than steering and functional components such as acceleration and braking. They were open air cabs with bench seating, and little in the way of comforts that are standard today. In the latter part of the 1920s, day cabs became enclosed, and heating elements were added to increase driver comfort during the harsh northwestern weather.

In 1936, sleepers were added to long haul trucks, and by the end of World War II, Kenworth began looking at the issues of driver fatigue and its relation to the comfort of the driver. The 1960s saw an expanded driver interface for all trucks to provide the driver with more information about truck and load status, while directly increasing driver comfort with new seat suspensions, and vibration dampeners to reduce the transmission of forces to the driver.

By the 1990s, digital was slowly replacing analog for information like engine status, load status, weight distribution, power demand and more. Driver comfort was improved with better seating, control elements were added as a standard feature, and cabs were further isolated from vibrations and external forces that could tax a driver. All of these features are important when looking for day cab trucks for sale.

Changes Come Together In the T880

All these changes come together in the Kenworth T880, one of the best-selling models of Kenworth trucks. A firewall mounted brake pedal decreases driver fatigue, while allowing smooth gliding from acceleration to braking. Isolated seats with enhanced design elements promote even more driver comfort and relief of the back strain that can come from frequent turning to exit and enter the vehicle. The advanced driver suspension system eliminates the need for constant driver adjustments to the seat, making it more form fitting and functional.

Aside from comfort, the attention to detail at Kenworth has led to asloping design for arm rests, and a middle implemented sun visor. The dash is focused to provide the driver with all important information at a glace, so there is no confusion to determine the status of the truck or load.

How all these changes and innovations from Kenworth, especially in the T880, have come together to create the modern, state of the art truck for your business needs, can be seen at Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth. Professionals with years of experience, they provide all manner of industrial trucks, both new and used.  For more information visit

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