Reasons to Order Your T680 Kenworth with PACCAR MX-11 Engine from Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth

By John Pospischil on April 22, 2016 Commercial Vehicles,Engines,Kenworth T680


When you buy a T680 Kenworth with the new PACCAR MX-11 engine from Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth, you’re getting one of the most advanced and flexible trucks on the market, with power that is perfect for a wide variety of jobs. With over 90 years producing commercial vehicles, Kenworth has earned their reputation as ‘The World’s Best’ and the T680 proves it.

The T680 Kenworth:  Beauty and Power Combined

There’s never been a truck quite as alluring as the T680, but those smooth looks hide true technological innovation:  there’s also never been a truck quite as aerodynamic as the T680.

The T680 was computer-designed and rigorously tested to be the sleekest truck on the road, and it has the fuel economy to match.  Even the mirrors have been designed to create minimal drag, while still providing a great view.  The T680 is a truck that will stretch every gallon as far as possible, and that can make a big difference to your operating costs.

But don’t think the T680 Kenworth is only about looks. Under the hood, it’s got plenty of power.

The PACCAR MX-11 Brings Unparalleled Value

The new PACCAR MX-11 went on sale this year, aimed at creating the perfect blend of power and efficiency.  The heavy-duty 10.8-liter Class 8 engine features 1,250-1,550 foot-pounds of torque, with horsepower from 355 to 430HP. While it’s not quite as large as the MX-13, it’s nearly as powerful and is a perfect match for the aerodynamic T680, thanks to its improved gas mileage and impressive power-to-weight ratio.

With an MX-11 under the hood, your new T680 is ready for a wide variety of jobs, both in-town and across the countryside.  The T680 has got the torque to really dig in and get your loads moving quickly.

Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth:  Your Partners for Kenworth Trucking

With a full range of options in both new and pre-owned trucks, as well as trade-in options, Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth has everything you need to outfit your fleet with the best in heavy-duty trucks.  From the ultra-ergonomic T680 Kenworth to the powerful T880, to smaller Class 6 or 7 cargo haulers like the K370, and a full range of options for them all, Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth is one of the top Kenworth dealers in the country.

Contact us today with your hauling needs, and we’ll make sure you get the perfect vehicles for your jobs.