Recent Innovation in Trucking Industry Gives Buyers of Kenworth Trucks for Sale a Full Suite of Options

By John Pospischil on September 24, 2015 Uncategorized

As the trucking industry evolves in response to the demand from large in-market firms, buyers within the marketplace are finding that the trucks for sale from leaders such as Kenworth are increasingly being improved upon to help companies meet their challenges. Our team has many years’ experience helping buyers find quality Kenworth vehicles, and within this latest post we’ll examine several areas in which the trucking industry has evolved in recent years.

Longer Service Intervals

The latest trucks for sale through trusted leaders such as the team at Coopersburg-Liberty Kenworth are designed to provide companies with longer intervals between maintenance. Refined manufacturing practices and the use of cleaner-burning fuel have helped mitigate many of the maintenance requirements of the newest trucks. This ensures drivers and operators enjoy a greater amount of time on the road and higher levels of productivity.

Higher Resale Value

Due to the increased durability of the latest vehicles, companies are now finding that their trucks have greater resale value within the marketplace. This ensures fleet operators can achieve exceptional returns on investment when purchasing the latest trucks.

A More Comfortable Driving Experience

Manufacturers such as Kenworth continue to elevate the vehicle driver’s experience. Consider for example their T800 truck, which features one of the tightest turning radiuses on the marketplace. This feature allows dump truck operators and other commercial vehicle drivers the ability to seamlessly negotiate challenging driving conditions.

Bringing next-level performance to today’s most popular vehicles, specialists across the truck manufacturing field are now helping business owners consolidate costs and improve vehicle reliability. To discover more on the latest innovations in the field, speak with our expert team directly at 1-888-453-7952.

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