Salt Season is Here!

By John Pospischil on November 11, 2014 Cold Weather Solutions

SKF/Krown Rust Inhibitor

It’s that time of the year again! Already the cold weather and snow are hitting the Midwest and the OTR drivers we see are starting to worry not just about the snow, ice and the cold but the sodium chloride and other ice melting materials that will soon be spread over the roads, highways and dock lots. As everyone knows these chemicals end up all over your tractor and trailer and can lead to rust, corrosion and binding.

On top of that, technicians know they will have the added challenge of getting past these materials to get repairs and maintenance done and that even the simplest slack adjustment can become problematic when salt, road grime and rust are added to the equation.

For years the only solution, in a perfect world, was to pressure wash the area of the truck that you needed to have repaired or maintained. When it is twenty degrees out and your load needs to be there yesterday there often is the time or access to high pressure washing! So usually everyone just dealt with it and this added time, frustration and the potential for cross contamination to whatever work was getting done.

Recently, we have been using two new products from SKF/Krown to streamline repairs and prevent long term issues with rust and corrosion. We have found that the KL37 Rust Inhibitor lives up to the hype and not only does a great job of keeping the tin worm at bay but makes a fantastic Dielectric, and with a strength on 50kV it is safe for all electrical uses. KL37 is solvent free and can be used in applications where food grade products are required. Once applied it stays active even after washings and road wash, KL37 even actively displaces water! If your truck, trailer, salt spreader or plow can’t get wet it can’t rust!

We have also been using the Salt Eliminator. Salt Eliminator is a maintenance product that makes salt removal easy. Everyone knows that the various road salts can speed up corrosion and rust progress by hundreds of times. Salt Eliminator allows the removal of road salt without the need to use high pressure washers. Simply spray on Salt Eliminator then let it sit for five to ten minutes, rinse with either warm or cold water and then reapply Salt Eliminator for long term protection. There are no harsh solvents in Salt Eliminator and it can help reduce surface rust and can be used in an existing wash system.

What our clients and our technicians like best about these products is that they save a great deal of time in labor, add life to components, reduce down time and are easy to use. In short your trucks are on the road making money instead of down waiting to get cleaned or waiting for parts.

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