Shop Our Used Kenworth Dump Trucks For Sale This Winter in New Jersey!

By John Pospischil on December 11, 2015 Cold Weather Solutions,Dump Trucks,Service Specials

Don’t let this winter’s extreme weather keep you from working. At Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth in New Jersey, you can find a great selection of used Kenworth dump trucks for sale. Kenworth dump trucks are versatile, reliable and capable of handling even the harshest conditions of the winter season.

Finding the Right Used Dump Truck for You

Like any vehicle, doing your research and determining your needs is essential. Take into account what tasks you’ll be performing, and what price range you’d like to be in. Kenworth trucks are built to last; however, it’s helpful to obtain the vehicle’s history before making your purchase. Look into the available models carefully, and ask the sales associates at Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth any questions that will be helpful in making the right decision.  Size should never be the sole determining factor. Performance, fuel economy and handling are crucial as well. Finally, you’ll want to take a test drive in any potential truck.

Winter Uses for Dump Trucks

Whether you work for someone, own your own business or are looking at starting one, a dump truck is a year-round workhorse. While many may think winter means a reduction in work, in certain regions it can actually mean more hours behind the wheel. Hauling snow, salt, downed trees and extreme weather debris can be a constant source of activity for your dump truck. Dump trucks can even serve dual purposes, working to plow as well as salt. Kenworth’s dump trucks are able to navigate treacherous terrain, making them a big part of assisting people hauling all kinds of loads during inclement weather.

Getting your Dump Truck Ready for Winter

Get your dump truck ready for winter with a $99 Ready-For-Winter inspection at Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth. The full-service dealership inspects parts of the truck most likely to be affected by winter weather. In addition, you can find Kenworth accessories like winter windshield wipers and winter fronts. Anything that can keep you, your dump truck and other people on the road safer is a wise investment.

Why Kenworth?

Kenworth dump trucks play many roles in the work world. The key is finding one that can serve multiple purposes and be able to serve you no matter what time of year it is. Check out the selection of used Kenworth dump trucks for sale at Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth. Kenworth is a top name in the trucking world that offers you a dump truck with all of the advantages that keep you working through the wild Northeastern winters.