Spring Uses for the Kenworth Dump Trucks for Sale at Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth

By John Pospischil on March 14, 2016 Cost Analysis,Dump Trucks,Kenworth T880

Kenworth Dump Trucks for Sale

Dump trucks are one of the more versatile and valuable pieces of heavy equipment that businesses can invest in, since they have many uses across multiple industries. With dozens of new and used Kenworth dump trucks for sale at Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth, it’s never been easier to expand your business’s fleet or service options.

Paving Companies

Much like the landscaping industry, independent paving companies can greatly benefit from owning dump trucks. Dump tucks will allow them to offer additional services, discounts on bulk materials, and much more. Kenworth dump trucks come in a variety of styles, with the most popular option being the Kenworth T880 for its load capacity. The T880 is engineered for the highest safety standards, and is an extremely versatile option; it’s truly a truck for all seasons.

As spring hits full force, many homeowners will turn to paving companies to revitalize their driveways. With an additional dump truck at their disposal, these companies can service more customers, which translate to more profit. And with low prices on the many used Kenworth dump trucks for sale at Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth, now is a great time to expand the fleet.

Landscaping Companies

Landscaping, particularly hardscaping, is one such industry that can benefit by buying Kenworth dump trucks for sale. Often, landscaping companies pay delivery fees when bulk material is needed for jobs. When they have a reliable dump truck at their disposal, they can easily save on these delivery fees; this can also allow them to negotiate cheaper prices on bulk items, such as gravel or mulch, from companies they would otherwise not have access to.

Landscaping companies can then reinvest the savings back into the business or pass the savings onto their customers to build loyalty and repeat business.

Start Up Excavators

Spring is notably the best time for homeowners to install new in-ground pools. With the reduced prices on many models of dump trucks, such as the Kenworth T880, at Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth, now is the ideal time to start that excavating business you’ve always wanted. By buying your heavy equipment instead of renting it you can save money, build your business’s assets, and provide fast service to your customers.

To learn more about the new and used Kenworth dump trucks for sale at Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth, or to test drive your new dump truck in the New Jersey and Pennsylvania areas, please contact the experts at Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth. With over 10 acres of new and used Kenworth’s to pick from, there is something for every need.

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