Three-Axle Alignments Are Yet another Reason to Visit Coopersburg, Pennsylvania’s Kenworth Trucks Dealer

By John Pospischil on May 16, 2017 Kenworth Trucks Dealer

Pennsylvania’s Kenworth Trucks Dealer

Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth is Pennsylvania’s Kenworth trucks dealer of choice for plenty of reasons. From our huge selection of both new and used vehicles, to our vast parts and supplies store, to our world-class body shop, we’re one of the top destinations for municipal vehicle coordinators, commercial fleet managers, and independent owner-operators alike!

Now, there’s yet another reason to make the trip over to Coopersburg. We’ve just expanded our service bays to include a brand-new alignment machine, allowing us to quickly and easily provide three-axle tire alignments at reasonable costs.

It’s just another reason to come visit Pennsylvania’s Kenworth trucks dealer of choice!

Why Get a Three-Axle Alignment from Coopersburg Kenworth

Our computerized system is state of the art, and ready to ensure top driving performance on your three-axle vehicle. It doesn’t have to be a Kenworth, either – we’ll happily do an alignment for any truck you bring in.  

Our new alignment machine can check for and verify multiple aspects of your tires and axles, including:

  • Toe: Ensuring your wheels are perfectly straight-on with the truck body.
  • Thrust: Keeping as much momentum as possible aimed directly forward, without pull to the right or left
  • Scrub radius: Minimizing wear on your tires and instability on corners by ensuring your scrub radius is to-spec.

The Benefits of Regular Axle Alignments

If you’re looking to keep your on-road costs as low as possible, regular alignments should be part of your maintenance routine! When your axles and tires are in perfect alignment, you’ll see reduced fuel usage since well-aligned axles waste far less energy.  

In addition, you’ll also prevent wear and tear on your tires. Poorly-aligned axles will cause uneven wear on the tires, particularly during tight turns and when going over rough ground. Left unfixed long enough, this can even contribute to blowouts.

Signs You Need an Axle Alignment

It’s not hard to tell when your axles/tires are misaligned. You’ll feel vibrations in your steering wheel, even on smooth road, or else there will be a pull to one side or the other. Also, if you find yourself driving through particularly rough terrain or over badly-maintained roads full of potholes, there’s a good chance you’ll need an alignment afterward.

Don’t overlook these warning signs. Even minor vibration/pull means it’s time for an alignment.

Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth Is Pennsylvania’s Kenworth Trucks Dealer for Service Work

Our experienced team is standing by and waiting to handle your maintenance issues, big or small. Contact us today to schedule a three-axle alignment or any other service need!