Three Innovations in the Latest Day Cab Trucks for Sale

By John Pospischil on November 7, 2015 Day Cab Trucks


Trucking operators require that their day cabs offer drivers the highest levels of comfort on the road. A comfortable driver is more productive and better able to focus on safety and their job performance. It’s for this reason that operators across the country are now reviewing the latest day cab trucks for sale to analyze the latest comfort innovations offered within the marketplace. To help operators understand the changes in the industry, this post will focus on three of the top innovations in the marketplace.

Spacious Interior

Kenworth is designing day cabs with such superior interior quality they make drivers forget they are actually working. The interior of the new T880 features an extremely spacious and quiet state-of-the-art control center that will comfortably hold any driver, regardless of their size. This spacious cab size helps drivers rest comfortably while driving and helps minimize the stress placed on their back and spine from having to hunch down.

Easy-to-Reach Controls

The driver controls within the vehicle are also now closer to the driver’s seat, helping to minimize stretching-related injuries and providing drivers a greater degree of vehicle control. The center console of the T880 vehicle has been fitted with two 12-volt outlets to safely and simply store and charge cell phones and other electronic devices during the journey.

Sound Protection

Each element of the T880’s design is driver focused. Take, for example, the placement of the air conditioning system and heater motors, which are mounted on the firewall to minimize the noise in the cabin and allow for a more peaceful driving experience.

Operators can make more effective choices for their long-term fleet needs by learning more about the latest innovations in day cab trucks for sale from Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth. To discuss this topic with a specialist, contact our experts directly today at 1-888-453-7952.

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