Turn to Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth If You’re Looking for Used Kenworth Trucks in Washington, DC

By John Pospischil on March 21, 2017 Used Trucks

Used Kenworth Trucks Washington, DC

The DC metro area really doesn’t have that many truck dealerships, and those that exist can be small and limited in selection at times. Someone trying to find used Kenworth trucks in Washington, DC, as well as other models, is likely to have a difficult time finding exactly what they want. But there is an alternative!

A relatively short drive to Pennsylvania can take you to Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth, one of the top options for used Kenworth trucks and other vehicles throughout the northeast. People regularly come from miles around to browse our huge selection and experience our superior service.

Why People Looking for Used Kenworth Trucks in Washington, DC, Come to Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth

  1. Acres and acres of trucks to explore

Our two lots are both huge, with a combined area of about forty acres. You aren’t likely to find a better selection of vehicles anywhere. Even if you aren’t necessarily looking to buy today, it’s an excellent opportunity to get a hands-on, in-person look at all your options.

  1. Great variety and selection

Because our lots are so vast, we have loads of options for you to explore, with plenty of models and variations. Even better, we don’t exclusively stock used Kenworth vehicles. We carry a full range of used makes/models from all the major North American brands, so there truly is something here for everyone – and at great prices.

  1. Superior trade-in options

Because we’re willing to stock all makes and models of used vehicles, that means we also take trade-ins on all makes/models as well. As long as it’s running and street-legal, we’ll offer a fair price on your existing vehicle, giving you a great opportunity to cut your upgrade costs even more!

  1. Superb customization services

Beyond our main truck lots, we also maintain huge on-site stores full of parts and accessories, as well as a full body shop. We’re happy to help you customize your new pre-owned Kenworth to make it exactly what you need, and with more than 10,000 parts and accessories to choose from, we’ve got the selections you need as well.

For the best in used Kenworth vehicles, come visit Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth!