While lots of truck drivers are on the road for days at a time, a large group of drivers do get to go home every night. For them, a sleeper doesn’t make any sense. These drivers are going to want a day cab truck from Kenworth.

In many ways, a Kenworth day cab truck is exactly the same as their larger counterparts. They are powered by the same engines, and drivers use the same transmissions. A day cab truck is just missing the sleeper portion of the cab, instead only having a back wall/window behind the driver and passenger. While this certainly cuts down on the space available to drivers, it also significantly cuts down on the weight. This allows day cab truck drivers to haul larger loads than drivers of the larger sleeper cab trucks, since their cab weighs so much less.

Not only that, a day cab truck is going to be more efficient than a larger truck, since they use the same PACCAR or Cummins engines, yet aren’t needing to move nearly as much weight with the cab portion. For that same reason, a Kenworth day cab truck is also going to feel much more powerful. Plus, day cab trucks typically sit on a much smaller wheelbase, since the larger cab is absent and there isn’t any need for any extended length, making them much more maneuverable.

However, just because they’re smaller and lighter, doesn’t mean a Kenworth day cab truck is any less comfortable. Practically every day cab truck from Kenworth is going to feature air ride seats, quality upholstery and finishing inside the cab, and will look and feel every bit as high quality as their larger brethren.

If you’re a driver who gets to go home each evening, the team at Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth encourages you to investigate a Kenworth day cab truck for your daily hauls. It’s going to save you money, thanks to a lighter truck, and increase your productivity because you can haul that much more. It’s a win-win situation!