For many construction companies, a dump truck is a vital piece of equipment, as they frequently play a wide variety of roles. With that kind of importance, it’s vital that a new dump truck is built to the proper specifications for the job. At Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth, we can walk you through the process to make sure you get the perfect truck for you and your team.

To start, it’s vital that all of the purposes of a new Kenworth dump truck are considered. Is it just going to haul material around or between job sites, or will you plan to use it throughout the winter to plow and spread salt? Do you plan to use it to tow equipment between job sites? Each of these different tasks will change how you spec out your Kenworth dump truck.

Quite a wide variety of specifications exist for new Kenworth dump trucks, too. To start, you need to determine what size of a new dump truck you need. Kenworth offers many different models from large to small that can be outfitted as dump trucks, so you have many options to get the perfectly sized Kenworth dump truck for your purposes.

From there, the engine, transmission, number of axles, ratio and many other options will need to be worked out, so your new Kenworth dump truck does exactly what you need it to, and serves your drivers well, as well. You will also need to specify what type of dump body you would like, along with any options for it.

Typically, when ordering a new dump truck, Kenworth will build the cab and chassis, then send it to an outfitter, who will put the dump body on it. Plan for a few extra weeks when you order, since that process takes a little longer than a typical truck build. However, if you put the planning into it ahead of time, you will most assuredly end up with a perfect new dump truck, and one that will serve for many years to come.

Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth typically has new Kenworth dump trucks available on the lot, for those who want a more standard configuration. Contact the sales team to learn more, or to start ordering your own custom Kenworth dump truck.