New Kenworth Trucks for Sale

Just like getting a new car, there is something special about new trucks. Maybe it’s the “new vehicle smell.” Maybe it’s the fact that everything is perfect. There’s no holes in the seats, everything works, and there’s no miles on the odometer. Or, maybe it’s even the security of knowing it’s under warranty for many miles to come. No matter the reason, purchasing a new Kenworth Truck is exciting.

Kenworth designs every truck with three key elements in mind: making the highest quality, most durable and most comfortable truck on the planet. Across the entire model lineup, every driver of a new Kenworth can see these elements played out.

Kenworth chassis, body, and engine specs

It starts with the chassis. In every model, the chassis is designed to last longer than whatever body is put on it. Kenworth has backed that up with countless real-world examples from on-the-road drivers. These trucks are made to provide years of dependability.

A new Kenworth also comes with the best components on the market. From PACCAR or Cummins engines to Eaton Fuller or Allison transmissions, Kenworth trucks feature nothing but the best.

Kenworth cabs and driver amenities

Kenworth also focuses on comfort with every interior. For instance, seats are air ride. Cabs feature navigation, and Bluetooth entertainment systems. Plus, everything from the windows to the door locks is powered.

Kenworth has set the bar high with their new trucks. They are truly The World’s Best in every area. To learn more and get a new Kenworth for your fleet, browse our inventory or contact the Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth sales team at 1-866-306-5552 or 1-866-306-5553.


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