Moving a dumpster isn’t easy. They’re big , bulky and, when loaded, can contain thousands of pounds of practically anything. For this reason, a specialized truck has been developed to make moving large dumpsters easy – this truck is called a rolloff truck. As the name implies, a new Kenworth rolloff truck is equipped to allow any size dumpster to be easily rolled on and off of the truck in order to transport it between job sites and the refuse facility.

Like many specialized trucks, a new Kenworth roll off truck starts out as a bare cab and chassis. The sales team at Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth can help any potential rolloff buyer specify their new Kenworth so that every component is able to handle the size dumpster and the load it needs to move. That includes choosing the right Kenworth model and specifying the right engine and transmission for the rolloff truck. For your drivers, any new Kenworth rolloff truck will need to include the proper cab amenities to keep them comfortable throughout their day.

After the Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth team work out those details with you, it’s time to get the rolloff portion designed and specified out. That includes choosing a winch to pull and let the dumpster down, and a hydraulic bed that lifts to an angle to allow your dumpster to more easily get on and off the truck. Many new Kenworth rolloff trucks also come with covers to secure a loaded dumpster, so refuse isn’t flying out onto the road while driving.

For companies specializing in dumpster service, a quality rolloff truck is invaluable. With a new Kenworth rolloff, you’re simply getting The World Best – in terms of quality, durability and comfort. Not only that, but you’re getting the experience and reliability of the Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth team. It’s a win-win situation!