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2024 KENWORTH T480

  • Stock #: 388680
  • Engine Mfg/HP: PACCAR /360
  • New/Used: New
  • Transmission: Automatic
  • Trans. Mfr.: ALLISON
  • Wheelbase: 228
  • Suspension: AG 400L
  • Body Type: Tanker


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If you’re a company that moves smaller amounts of liquid, tanker trucks are likely key to your business. These specialized trucks are designed to move liquids, and start out as cab/chassis trucks. They then go to specialized outfitters to get converted into brand new Kenworth tanker trucks.

Once you decide to order a new Kenworth tanker truck, you first want to contact the sales team at Coopersburg and Liberty Kenworth. We will help you select the Kenworth model that is most suitable to your application and the specific amount of liquid that you will need to haul. If you’re looking to move smaller amounts of liquid, you might be able to use the Kenworth K270 or T270. Each can be equipped for less than CDL operation, greatly broadening your driver pool. Larger loads might use the Kenworth T370 or K370 models, and the largest loads would go on the Kenworth T880 chassis.

The sales team at Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth can work with you to specify your new truck exactly how you need it. This includes choosing the proper engine and transmission for your truck’s capacity, plus designing its interior to be comfortable for your drivers. The sales team will also match you up with the perfect tanker body for your Kenworth chassis.

Once you get behind the wheel of your new Kenworth tanker, you will understand why Kenworth is The World’s Best. Starting with the chassis, you’re going to experience incredible durability and longevity. Your Kenworth chassis might last longer than the tanker body! Drivers will also experience comfort and a mobile office they can be proud to call theirs. It’s a tanker truck that is truly unmatched in the industry.

To learn more, simply contact the Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth team today.