Understanding Your Options in Dump Trucks for Sale In PA

July 26, 2018

When you’re looking for dump trucks for sale in PA, you have plenty of options.  The right dump truck can be an invaluable addition to your fleet. Dump trucks are a genuinely multi-purpose vehicle which can see many years of use in different roles.  It’s one of the most versatile hauling vehicles you can own.

That is if you get the right truck for your needs.  There are a lot of different dump trucks for sale in PA, so understanding your options will help you make smart purchases.

The Major Types of Dump Trucks for Sale In PA

  1. Standard Dump Trucks

The most typical dump truck configuration has the dump box attached directly to the truck’s frame. They usually feature either three or four total axles with only one steering axle.  Besides being the best “all around” type of dump truck, these offer superior maneuverability which can be vital for smaller job sites.

  1. Off-Road Dump Trucks

Off-road dump trucks are generally articulated, featuring large heavy-duty wheels and improved suspension capable of handling off-road work and muddy conditions.  These are usually limited in their load size, to optimize their ability to maneuver off-road, and so are only suitable for fleets where a lot of off-road work will be required.

  1. Trailer Dump Trucks

Another alternative is getting a standard tractor-trailer cab, then adding a dump trailer.  This brings the benefit of larger load sizes, but with a significant loss of speed and maneuverability.  Of course, in this configuration, the cab is available for other jobs as well.

  1. Transfer Dump Trucks

Transfer dumpers combine standard and trailer types.  That is, it’s a standard attached dump truck which is also towing a dump trailer.  This configuration is more expensive but does a good job optimizing both load size and maneuverability.  However, you will need to do some research on which state(s) you’ll be operating in, and how they regulate dump truck loads and axles.

  1. Side Dump Trucks

Typical dump trucks have hydraulic lifts that boost the front end, so materials fall out the back.  Side dumpers instead rotate in-place, emptying their contents to the side.  This method reduces several major safety risks, but with some drawbacks: side dumpers require a lot of space, and usually have lower maximum load sizes.

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