Certified Technicians for Complex Truck Repairs

October 1, 2019

Truck Repairs – Keep ‘em, or Ship ‘em Out?

It’s no secret to fleet owners and fleet maintenance managers that there are two types of truck repairs: quick… and not-so-quick. While fluid top-offs and brake repairs are routine jobs for most technicians, other jobs require more hours and specialized training, especially across multiple manufacturers. When weighing the costs of training and additional tools, it comes as no surprise that many fleet owners are outsourcing complex repair jobs. They’re relying on service centers with certified technicians on hand.

A fleet survey conducted by the S.5 Fleet Maintenance Management Study Group in early 2019 cited clutch assembly repairs and exhaust gas re-circulation cooler repairs as two of the biggest time consumers.

Over the years, the number of hours required for clutch assembly repairs has increased as trucks become more advanced and include more components. Accessing the parts in need of repair takes longer, as technicians encounter more obstacles to work around. EGR coolers are also cited by fleet maintenance managers as being difficult to diagnose and, typically, a time-consuming repair.

Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth recommends preventive maintenance as the best way to avoid and decrease the cost of these repairs. Keeping a close eye on fluid levels, filter flow, wire and terminal conditions, and related repairs can greatly decrease the frequency and magnitude of failures. However, wear and tear is inevitable, and parts can eventually fail.  When it’s time to outsource those big repair jobs, a reputable service team is standing by to help.

Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth – A Winning Team

Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth has Cummins Certified and Paccar Certified Technicians on-hand, ready to diagnose and repair your truck. The dealership consists of two locations, conveniently located near major highways in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Customers have come to know Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth’s Service Teams as people they can depend on.

Best dealer I have been to in 3 years!!!
Got me in on Friday noon and out 5 hours later. Just a gasket but it didn’t take 3 days.
Very friendly staff. What a find!!!
Thank You Thank You Thank You!!”

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