Summer Truck Maintenance Musts

June 20, 2024
Summer Truck Maintenance

Summer is fast approaching but the warm weather is already here. As the seasons change, especially when the temperatures rise, it is important to keep your truck serviced. The Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth Service Department has the truck maintenance musts you need to follow going into the summer.


Must Inspect: Tires

Driving in extreme temperatures on the road can cause plenty of issues to your tires. Heat can cause the air in your tires to expand, which can result in over inflation. Inspect your tires during precheck, when the tires are temperate and follow the tire or manufacturer’s recommended PSI levels. Continuously check the tread levels and depth to ensure they are in good condition. Replace or repair your tires if there are any signs of damage such as cracks, sidewall damage, uneven tread, or anything that does not seem typical. Rotate your tires, if necessary. Ensure your suspension is properly aligned.

Must Maintain: Air Conditioning and Cooling Systems

Making sure your air conditioning system works is paramount when entering the summer season. Inspect belts, hoses, fittings, and the blower motor for signs of damage. Signs that you may need to replace any parts of your air conditioning or cooling systems include: bulges, tears or leaks, cracks, punctures, seepage, or any other type of damage that does not look normal.

Contaminants such as road debris, dirt, bugs, and salt can clog the cabin air filters. Cleaning or replacing the cabin air filters at the beginning of the season will keep the air in your cab fresh. Depending on the vehicle and environment, change the filter every 12,000 to 15,000 miles.

There are two other important pieces of maintenance to prep for summer. Change the engine air filter and the air dryer cartridge. The engine air filter should be replaced twice a year, but that can depend on how frequently you service your truck and the environment in which your truck runs. The air dryer cartridge should be replaced at minimum of once a year. This filter pulls moisture out of the air system which works extra hard during the warmer months.

Must Change: Fluids

Topping off or changing the oil and other fluids will help improve the effectiveness and function of your truck. These fluids include windshield wiper fluid, coolant, engine oil, transmission fluid, and power steering fluid. The recommended oil change interval varies from 10,000 to 35,000 miles, based on idle time. The higher the idle time, the more frequently you should change the oil. Your truck chassis should also be greased at least once a month. Taking these precautions will help protect the engine as well as prevent costly repairs that may be needed down the road.

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Must Clean: Battery

Extreme heat can cause weakened or low voltage in your truck battery. It could even cause the battery to drain and die. To prevent this, keep the battery clean of any dirt or engine grease. Corrosion, cracks, swelling or damage clearly indicate that you will need to clean your batteries or get them replaced. If any of your batteries are reading lower than 12.7 Volts, that is a problem. Periodically, check that the battery mounting is secure. In addition, check that the battery cables are tight and free of corrosion. Test the alternator to ensure it’s charging the battery correctly. If your truck’s motor is slow to turn over, that is another early sign that the batteries may need to be replaced. A clean battery contributes to a well-running truck!

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