Kenworth T680 76-inch Sleeper with Battery-Powered APU, the Idle Management System

February 29, 2016

Coopersburg, PA- February, 2016. Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth carries a large inventory of Kenworth T680 sleepers. Many of these trucks come with factory-installed APUs (auxiliary power units). Kenworth’s APU, also called the Kenworth Idle Management (KIM) System, is an innovative battery-based APU. It’s tied directly into the Kenworth T680’s duct system. We’re going to focus on the Kenworth T680 76-inch Sleeper.

Kenworth’s robust Idle Management System eliminates the engine’s need to idle to run the HVAC system. Instead, the system provides full engine-off heating and cooling capability. The Idle Management System is run by four dedicated PACCAR batteries and is controlled by on-board controls that allow drivers to set the temperature to their liking.

When the engine is off, drivers have over 10 hours of heating and cooling at a maintained temperature and three fan speeds to choose from. The control’s display let’s drivers know how much time they have left on the batteries. The batteries also recharge to 90 percent as quickly as 4.5 hours when back on the road.

Idling the engine to heat and cool the truck can cost as much as a gallon of fuel per hour. With the T680’s factory installed APU that runs on batteries, drivers don’t have to idle, but can run the Idle Management System battery-powered heating and cooling while using the sleeper.

For drivers who use their sleeper on the road frequently, it doesn’t take long for the system to pay itself off in fuel savings. In addition, the Idle Management System has minimal environmental impact through emissions and requires basically no maintenance.

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