4 Effective Driver Recruitment and Retention Strategies for Fleet Management Service

February 23, 2018
Driver Recruitment and Retention Strategies

The good news regarding the truck driver shortage is that things are getting better, and trends are reversing from where they were a few years ago.  Unfortunately, we’re not out of the woods yet.  There’s still a significant shortfall in many areas, and even at current rising employment rates, it’ll be a few more years before we have sufficient drivers to meet demand.

That means it’s still vital for fleets to have superior recruitment and retention policies, to make sure they stay ahead of the curve.  Use these techniques to keep your fleet staffed.

Four Ways to Improve Your Driver Recruitment and Retention

1. Create driver-focused marketing and outreach

Do your current web pages (and other materials) focus on how great your company is… or on what you can do for your drivers?  Potential drivers are going to primarily be looking out for number one and will likely pick the company which can do the most for them.  It’s good to talk up your company somewhat, but keep your recruitment focused on the drivers.

2. Implement a referral program

This is an age-old strategy, but it still works – so push for referrals, if you aren’t already.  Solid drivers are likely to know other people who would be interested in trucking, and a financial incentive can push them to sell you to other potential drivers.

3. Implement a wellness program

A wellness program doesn’t just show your drivers that you care – increasing recruitment and retention – but could potentially help you save money on health insurance and other benefits as well!

4. Be gracious when drivers leave

With the market such as it is, drivers are going to occasionally want to explore their options.  It’s best not to burn bridges.  If a driver in good standing leaves your company, wish them well and tell them they’ll be welcome to come back in the future.  After all, if they discover the grass isn’t greener in another pasture, they probably will come back if you part on good terms.

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