Kenworth Sleeper Trucks

Sometimes a load’s destination is further than a driver can drive in a single day. While staying in a hotel each night is an option, it includes an extra cost. Sleeper trucks come equipped with cabs that are designed to accommodate drivers that plan to sleep in the truck. New Kenworth sleeper trucks include the amenities of a hotel packed into the cab of a truck.

Sleeper Truck Comfort

Years ago, sleeper cabs included a single bunk behind the driver seat. Today, sleepers include modern amenities such as hook-ups for TVs, tables, climate control systems, entertainment systems, and remote locks.

Over the years, sleeper cab size has expanded greatly. Kenworth offers 76-inch or 86-inch sleepers on most Class 8 models. Additionally, modern sleepers include lots of creative storage space.

Just like other Kenworth trucks, sleepers include  powerful engines, durable chassis’, comfortable cabs, and impressive fuel efficiency. So, if you’re in need of overnight accommodations while on the road, contact the Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth sales team today.