Sometimes a load’s destination is further than you can drive in a day. While you can stay in a hotel each night, that quickly gets expensive. That’s why many trucks these days come equipped with sleeper cabs. In a new Kenworth, the sleeper gives you many of the conveniences of home without ever having to leave your truck.

Sleepers have come a long way. Years ago, a sleeper cab would simply contain a single bunk behind the driver and not much else. Today, they have evolved into a true home away from home, with modern amenities that allow drivers to be comfortable no matter where they are.

It starts with space. Over the years, sleeper size has expanded greatly, and today, Kenworth offers 76-inch or 86-inch sleepers on most Class 8 models. When you combine that with the creative storage that is packed into the available space, a modern sleeper is very roomy and offers room for quite a bit of your personal belongings.

A sleeper also offers comfort. Not only will you get a nice, comfortable mattress to crash on, but many sleepers are equipped with hook-ups for TVs, a table to work on and climate control systems, so you don’t have to freeze all winter or sweat in the summer. Many sleepers even have a panel near the bed to adjust temperature, entertainment system and even lock the truck, all without ever getting up.

Just like other trucks, a sleeper from Kenworth features powerful engines, a durable chassis, comfortable cabs and impressive fuel efficiency for a Class 8 truck. So, if you’re in need of overnight accommodations while you’re on the road, talk with the Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth team – we’ll find you the perfect sleeper!