4 Incredibly Useful Tips When Purchasing Dump Trucks

July 25, 2018

If you’re looking for dump trucks for sale in NJ, there are plenty to choose from – both new and used.  With some careful shopping, you can find a great deal that will deliver superior ROI for years to come.  However, there are some key considerations that should be made before buying.

Useful Tip Dump

Four Useful Tips for Choosing the Right Dump Trucks for Sale In NJ

1 – Decide on your optimal capacity beforehand

How big are the loads you’re likely to be hauling?  This is critical to know before you start shopping because you’re going to want a dump truck which is as small as possible while still fitting your needs.  The larger the truck, the more expensive it will be to maintain and run on-road.  Plus, larger trucks can have issues navigating in tight work areas.

So, plan your purchase around your needed capacity.


2 – Decide if you want a steel or aluminum body

The dump box will almost always be made of either steel or aluminum, and this is an important choice.  Steel is stronger than aluminum and -in particular- more able to stand up to the impacts from large heavy pieces of debris.  However, it’s also significantly heavier than aluminum and that will impact your operating costs, as well as your maximum load weights.

Aluminum is usually more cost-effective, but only if your loads don’t require the strength of steel.

3 – Do you need extra tool storage?

If you’re going to be regularly hauling around sets of tools for your workers, you can get dump trucks with toolboxes included.  This will be much better than storing tools in the cab or the dump box itself.  However, if you don’t need tool storage, tool boxes will just unnecessarily add to its operating weight.

4 – Does the truck come with a mesh tarp built-in?

The majority of states in the US require dump trucks to include a mesh tarp for securing small debris.  In fact, out of the entire eastern seaboard, only Maine, New Jersey, and Delaware don’t require tarps.  So, if you plan on ever taking your dump truck out of NJ, you will almost certainly need a tarp installed to avoid legal hassles.

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