Dump Truck Driving Safety Tips – Drivers Must Know

May 9, 2018

In some ways, dump truck driving is easier on drivers than many other forms of heavy trucking.  Among other things, they usually don’t have to put much effort into loading and unloading, and they aren’t going to be called to make long hauls.  However, on the other hand, dump truck driving is among the more dangerous forms of hauling.  There’s a lot that can go wrong with a dump truck – especially during loading and unloading.

At Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth, we want everyone who drives one of our dump trucks off the lot to have a long and safe career.  Here are some key safety tips for dump truck operation that should always be followed!

Five Vital Dump Truck Driving Safety Tips

1 – Know your ground conditions

It’s a good idea to check the solidity of the ground where you’re working before raising the truck bed.  That significantly alters the dump truck’s center of gravity, and even minor instability in the ground – such as soft spots in the dirt – can throw the truck off-balance.

Likewise, only raise the truck bed when the truck is flat and level.

2 – Always have a spotter

Running a dump truck without a backup is an accident waiting to happen.  You have plenty of blind spots and, sadly, construction workers may not give your vehicle the proper respect -and distance- it deserves.  Be sure there’s a spotter ready to wave you off if someone is too close to your truck.

3 – Never drive with the bed raised

It can be tempting, particularly if you’re only moving a short distance or you’re pressed for time.  However, driving any distance with the bed raised is an accident waiting to happen.  The risk isn’t worth the minimal time savings.

4 – Keep up on your maintenance 

Always give your dump truck an inspection before taking it out for the day and fix any minor problems ASAP so they don’t turn into major issues.  Pay attention to your suspension and the lift systems since, if those failed, it could cause the biggest mishaps.

5 – Don’t put too much faith in automation

Just because a truck has automated truck bed movement, that doesn’t mean you should ignore safety procedures.  If anything, it means you should pay even more attention.

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