5 Reasons Drivers Come from Miles Around to Visit Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth

By John Pospischil on June 28, 2017 Kenworth Trucks

Pennsylvania’s Kenworth Trucks Dealer

Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth offers leading service, more selection, and is Pennsylvania’s Kenworth go-to truck dealer. Since we’re outside the larger cities, we have room to provide so much more than the tiny dealerships crammed into a metropolitan area.

As a result, we have drivers and fleet operators coming to us from all over. They know Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth offers what other dealers do not, and it makes us Pennsylvania’s Kenworth trucks dealer for a great many people across the area.

Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth Is Pennsylvania’s Kenworth Trucks Dealer

  1. Vast Selection

This isn’t a tiny lot with only a few trucks, with every purchase having to be special-ordered and delivered. Combined, our two lots feature over 40 acres of trucks, parts, service, and accessories. That means we are full of superior Kenworth trucksready to be driven off the lot immediately! No wait, no fuss, no special orders.

  1. On-Site Customization

Want to modify that truck you have picked out? Not a problem! We have huge on-site service shops at both locations, including both a body shop and state-of-the-art computerized paint services. From minor accessory upgrades to full custom paint jobs, we can do all the work right here, on site – often while you wait.

  1. Full New and Used Selections

Thanks to our huge lots, we don’t just have to carry the latest models. We have room for a full selection of used vehicles as well. And not just Kenworth’s either! We take trade-ins on any still-running truck from all the major brands, so there are usually great deals to be had every day.

Plus, of course, this means you can also substantially cut down on the cost of a truck upgrade by trading in your old vehicle. We offer superior deals and affordable financing!

  1. Massive Parts Store 

Along with all our trucks and major accessories, we also have a huge parts store with more than ten thousand items available. For a lot of people, we’re their #1 stop to pick up items that make their lives easier and more enjoyable while on the road. You’d be hard pressed to find so many parts and accessories anywhere else.

  1. It’s Not THAT Far

It’s only about two hours from theNew York or DC areas out to our Swedesboro, NJ location and about one hour from Philly or Harrisburg to our Coopersburg location. For a trucker, that’s nothing. It’s a small inconvenience compared to all the selection, options, and deals you’ll be able to find from Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth.

See Pennsylvania’s Kenworth Trucks Dealer for Yourself

We’re open Monday-Saturday. Come visit either of our great locations!

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