Cold Weather Solutions

Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth T680 Trucks for Sale in Pennsylvania Cover All Your Winter Needs

By Matt Brandt on January 19, 2016 Cold Weather Solutions,Kenworth T680

Winter is here in Pennsylvania, and with it inclement weather and treacherous terrain. Business doesn’t stop when the weather gets bad, which means the best way to handle it is to optimize your Kenworth T680 for an enhanced winter performance. The Benefits of a Kenworth in Winter The Kenworth T680 has an array of safety features that make it ideal for winter […]

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Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth Dump Trucks for Sale in Pennsylvania and New Jersey

Some industries slow down in the winter, especially with the onslaught of extreme weather in the Northeast. For truck drivers in New Jersey and Pennsylvania it’s the opposite—they have the opportunity for additional work when the snow comes. By investing in a Kenworth dump truck for sale today, you’ll have the option to help out in a […]

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Get Strong Winter Performance with Day Cab Trucks for Sale in Pennsylvania & New Jersey from Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth

Winter doesn’t slow down the trucking business in the Northeast. If anything, business booms as tough trucks are needed to perform essential tasks. If you’re looking to buy new or used day cab trucks for sale in 2016, winter is a great time. You can find a truck that fits your needs and keeps you […]

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Shop Our Used Kenworth Dump Trucks For Sale This Winter in New Jersey!

By Matt Brandt on December 11, 2015 Cold Weather Solutions,Dump Trucks,Service Specials

Don’t let this winter’s extreme weather keep you from working. At Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth in New Jersey, you can find a great selection of used Kenworth dump trucks for sale. Kenworth dump trucks are versatile, reliable and capable of handling even the harshest conditions of the winter season. Finding the Right Used Dump Truck for You Like any vehicle, doing your research […]

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Celebrate the Season with Kenworth Trucks for Sale at Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth in New Jersey

As temperatures dip lower and roads become more hazardous in the Northeast and across the nation, there is no better time to look into buying a new truck. Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth understands the importance of safety during the winter months, and the extensive selection of Kenworth trucks for sale in New Jersey offers ideal vehicles for all levels […]

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Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth’s Tri-Axle Dump Trucks for Sale Have You Covered in Winter Months

By Matt Brandt on November 17, 2015 Cold Weather Solutions,Dump Trucks,Kenworth T880

When purchasing a truck, buyers in the market should be looking for trucks that can withstand the coldest of weather.  A dependable truck is important, but the ability for a truck to handle smoothly and safely during the winter months is of utmost importance.  The team at Coopersburg and Liberty Kenworth are dedicated to helping you find the best tri-axle dump trucks […]

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Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth Highlights the Wintertime Performance Features of their Selection of Dump Trucks for Sale

By Matt Brandt on November 10, 2015 Cold Weather Solutions,Dump Trucks

Coopersburg, PA-based Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth is now showcasing the wintertime performance features of their array of dump trucks for sale.  Inventory includes trucks such as the 2016 W900, which includes Kenworth’s traction-grip diamond plate steps, which are designed to provide extra [safer?] grip for the driver and resist corrosion from the snow and salt […]

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The Elements to Consider When Searching for Tri-Axle Dump Trucks for Sale for Wintertime Use

Dump truck drivers face a number of challenges within their day-to-day jobs. This means they must have access to a high quality vehicle that can help them overcome these challenges. One of the most common issues they face is maneuvering their vehicle effectively during the winter. Winter snow and ice can make driving a large […]

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TRP Batteries

By Daniel Held on December 4, 2014 Cold Weather Solutions

We recently got to visit the battery manufacturing facility outside Kutztown PA. We were taken through the entire production process for a variety of batteries. Now I’ve got to admit, and I don’t think I am alone in this, that I never spent a lot of time thinking about batteries until it is time to […]

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Air Dryer Maintenance

By Daniel Held on November 26, 2014 Cold Weather Solutions

We all know the importance of keeping the air system in our trucks working at 100% capacity. Not only do the braking and suspension systems depend on a reliable and consistent source of air pressure, but air system failures from water, particles and oil can create a truck down situation that can run into thousands […]

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DEF Insulated Tank Covers

By Daniel Held on November 17, 2014 Cold Weather Solutions

  As I sit writing this the first serious cold snap is hitting the Midwest and the Northeast. Cold weather has always presented challenges for anyone running medium and heavy duty trucks. Concerns about air lines freezing, staying warm while sleeping, and at one time diesel gelling, have long been challenges. Now with the new […]

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Salt Season is Here!

By Daniel Held on November 11, 2014 Cold Weather Solutions

It’s that time of the year again! Already the cold weather and snow are hitting the Midwest and the OTR drivers we see are starting to worry not just about the snow, ice and the cold but the sodium chloride and other ice melting materials that will soon be spread over the roads, highways and […]

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