DEF Insulated Tank Covers

By John Pospischil on November 17, 2014 Cold Weather Solutions
TRP DEF Insulation Cover

TRP DEF Insulation Cover


As I sit writing this the first serious cold snap is hitting the Midwest and the Northeast. Cold weather has always presented challenges for anyone running medium and heavy duty trucks. Concerns about air lines freezing, staying warm while sleeping, and at one time diesel gelling, have long been challenges. Now with the new emissions systems on tractors there is the added challenge of DEF freezing.

Of course, DEF tanks are heated and assuming that the DEF ratio is correct the DEF should melt evenly and function normally and not cause any damage to the SCR system. However, extra water getting into the tank or other contaminants could present issues. And you may not want to worry about your DEF being a solid chunk of ice or working properly! Who doesn’t have other things to worry about? The DEF Blankets for PACCAR OE DEF tanks were designed to add an extra layer of protection and prevent mishaps in the coldest environments out there!

The TRP DEF Tank Blanket is triple layered and has a cold cracking rating of -40F, with this type of rating you don’t need to worry about warming up the tractor and can just get rolling and your heaters aren’t working as hard. In addition the TRP DEF Blankets go on in minutes and are custom fit for Kenworth, Peterbilt and Paccar OE DEF Tanks! The Blankets work on vehicles with and without fairings and allow full access to the DEF filler cap.

The TRP DEF Tank Blanket is an easy install and inexpensive bit of insurance if you run in colder climates and can’t afford to be off the road for any reason!

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