How To Perform A Cost Per Mile Analysis When Considering Kenworth Trucks For Sale

By John Pospischil on November 9, 2015 Cost Analysis,Cost Savings,Sleeper Trucks

Within the trucking marketplace, knowing and anticipating operational costs can help owners improve their chances of success in coming years. Many still encounter challenges when analyzing the various models of trucks for sale from leaders such as Kenworth, and few owners are effective in measuring the cost per mile of a truck they may purchase. So within this post, we’ll highlight how to perform a cost per mile analysis when reviewing Kenworth trucks for sale.

First Consider Fixed Costs

Fixed costs are the expenditures an operation incurs whether the vehicle is on the road or in a parking lot. These expenses include costs such as financing, insurance, licensing, registration and permits. To calculate fixed costs, first write down the fixed costs for the vehicle, then determine the amount of miles the truck will be driven. Each monthly expense can then be divided by the number of monthly miles to determine the cost per mile for each of the fixed expenses that truck owners incur. Operators can then add each per-mile value to see their full per-mile fixed costs per month.

Variable Costs Grow Over Time

Operators must consider the growth of variable costs over time when examining the per-mile cost of their fleet. These variable items include fuel, tires, maintenance and repairs. Again, these costs should be divided by the number of miles travelled each month, and then added together to determine the company’s full variable costs per month. In this assessment, operators can review the MPG of the Kenworth trucks for sale to determine the number of miles they can expect for their investment in fuel each month.  When appropriate,  sleeper trucks can help reduce a fleet’s variable costs as well.

By understanding the elements required for effective analysis, vehicle fleet operators can reduce their fleet costs over the long-term. To learn more on this analysis, speak with our expert team at 1-888-453-7952.

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