How Much Does It Cost to Buy A Used Dump Truck?

May 14, 2018

Buying a used dump truck can easily cost $150,000 to $200,000. It’s no wonder that plenty of fleet managers and independent owners look to buy used instead.  A well-constructed dump truck can last for decades and rack up many hundreds of thousands of miles, so even an older model can still potentially offer superior value.

However, you’re still going to be investing a large chunk of cash even when buying a used dump truck. Smart buying is the key!  Here are some major cost factors to think about.

Understanding the Costs When Buying A Used Dump Truck

When it comes to the sticker price of used dump trucks, that is generally going to be determined by the age of the vehicle as well as its mileage.  The older it is, and the more miles it has, the cheaper it would be.  Very broadly speaking, you could probably expect to pay around $125,000 for a recent model with low mileage. That could go down to $25,000 or even lower if you’re looking at an older and more heavily used truck.

Of course, that’s just the basic sticker price.  You could, for example, see larger savings if you trade in an existing truck to upgrade to a different model.

Then the question becomes, “how much maintenance will this truck require?” Generally, used dump trucks are sold as-is. The seller may or may not have put any of their own money into repairs/restoration.  This is something you should always ask about before purchasing a used truck.  If you pick up one that’s old and cheap, less than $50,000, you should probably assume that it will need some upgrades and maintenance before it’s fully trustworthy.

Therefore, it’s often a good idea to bring an experienced mechanic with you when shopping for used dump trucks.  They’ll be able to tell you ahead of time how much more it’ll cost to make the truck street-worthy.

Finally, don’t forget to inquire into matters like its gas mileage.  Older trucks generally have worse MPG, and that can drive up costs in the long run.

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