PACCAR MX-13 Engine Features

September 24, 2015

Achieving greater levels of fuel efficiency continues to be the leading focus of today’s fleet operators. EPA’s (Environmental Protection Agency) emissions standards and net benefits of reducing fuel consumption, companies are now working to acquire the latest and most fuel-efficient vehicles for their fleet. Many of the Paccar MX-13 Engine features help to achieve those goals!

In this article, you’ll read about the fuel-saving advantages inherent in the PACCAR MX-13 engine found in the T680 truck.

Kenworth Idle Management

The PACCAR MX-13 Engine within the T680 features the Kenworth Idle Management System. The engine helps drivers in exceptionally hot and cold conditions reduce their idling time. It also helps to reduce fuel consumption without impacting the performance of the vehicle.

The management system also features a full set of on-board diagnostics and automatic temperature control in AC and heating modes to ensure drivers can maintain ultimate control over vehicle performance. The system features battery monitoring capabilities to help ensure battery failures are prevented and fleets achieve maximum productivity on the road. It’s a design that can help companies achieve a $6,000-$8000 savings per year per vehicle on fuel consumption.

Leading-Class Speed Management

The PACCAR MX-13 Engine is engineered to help drivers control their speed. The engine’s software encourages drivers to up-shift at lower RPMs by reducing power. The software is also designed to encourage drivers to drive within the top gear by limiting the RPMs in the level below the top gear.

Kenworth has also crafted several solutions to common driving speed management challenges. For example, to restrict problems with “lead feet” the KenworthT680’s engine features hard-coded speed limiters, and is designed to achieve a 0.1 MPG improvement for every 1MPH reduced at highway speeds. This means companies will see the benefit of this innovation on their balance sheets.

Innovative Trailer Design

The design of the T680’s trailer system has been honed to ensure maximum fuel efficiency from the system’s engine. The trailer tail design is built to reduce the low pressure zone at the rear of the trailer. Reduced pressure equates to reduced drag!

The T680 also features expertly refined trailer skirts. These skirts help to control airflow around the trailer, further increasing driving efficiency and supporting optimal maneuverability.

High Power to Weight Ratio

The streamlined PACCAR MX-13 Engine within the T680 also features a high power-to-weight ratio. The lower weight of the engine is partly the result of using Compacted Graphite Iron (CGI) in the building process. CGI is lighter and stronger than the traditionally used gray iron. It assures exceptional horsepower performance while limiting the weight of the payload.

By harnessing the power and performance of the latest innovations and choosing Kenworth vehicles, fleet operators can now reduce costs over the long-term. To learn more about the Kenworth T680, speak with the team at Coopersburg &Liberty Kenworth directly.