4 Features on Pennsylvania Kenworth T680 Trucks You Might Not Know About

February 2, 2017
Pennsylvania Kenworth

It’s no surprise that people investigating Pennsylvania Kenworth T680 trucks are being drawn to that model.  One of Kenworth’s newest models, in just a few years the T680 has turned plenty of heads thanks to its great looks, comfortable interior, and serious technological advances in pursuit of greater fuel efficiency.

It’s safe to say that the T680 is the most fuel-efficient truck on the road today, beating out competitors – even within Kenworth’s other lines – by 5-10%.   Yet those improvements require almost no loss of power or torque compared to similar Class 8 vehicles.

Beyond the overt technical achievements, however, Pennsylvania Kenworth T680 trucks have a lot of smaller features that make life better for drivers or fleet managers.  So many that it’s hard to even keep track of them all!

Here are just a few of the “hidden” features of the T680.

4 Lesser-Known Features of Pennsylvania T680 Trucks

  1. Predictive Cruise Control

In most trucks, cruise control is convenient but costly.  Many drivers are discouraged from running on cruise specifically because it tends to decrease gas mileage.  However, that’s not true on the T680!  The cruise control system is linked into the onboard GPS, allowing it to intelligently predict the best use of braking and gas as it traverses hills and curves.

  1. Revolutionary Next-Gen Air Conditioning

A/C is another feature that’s downright necessary for most of the year, but tends to be an energy hog.  Some models even require a second, smaller engine simply to power the A/C.  Yet on the T680, it’s all electrical.  A battery siphons excess power from the engine\wheels, using that stored energy to power the A/C even when the engine is off.  And it only takes around 4-5 hours to fully recharge while on the road.

  1. Smart Driving Encouragement

The onboard navigation system doesn’t merely encourage drivers to drive in fuel-efficient ways – they’re rewarded for it.  The T680 turns gas mileage into a sort of game, awarding video game-style points for using smart energy-saving driving strategies. It even keeps a high score table!

  1. TruckTech+ Diagnostics

It’s unlikely we’ll ever have trucks that never have mechanical problems while on the road, but Pennsylvania Kenworth T680 trucks do a lot to proactively mitigate the damage.  The smart TruckTech+ system keeps in constant touch with the truck’s home base, as well as with nearby Kenworth dealers/servicers.  Should any on-road incidents occur, the details are instantly sent out to minimize downtime and speed up repairs.  It takes Kenworth smart systems to a whole new level.

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