Announcing Three-Axle Alignment Services on Kenworth Vehicles from Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth

May 20, 2017
Three-Axle Kenworth Trucks

May 5, 2017 – Coopersburg, PA

There is more reason than ever to take a drive to Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth, thanks to their new computerized three-axle alignment machine and specialization.

With an unmatched range of Kenworth vehicles and trucks, Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth has established itself as a leading name in the industry. It is also a magnet for customers in New York and beyond thanks to their extensive service options. The combination of a massive after-market parts store and huge service bays frequently bring customers from surrounding states. The addition of this new alignment machine adds yet another reason it’s worth a drive to Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth.

Regular axle and tire alignments should be a mainstay of truck maintenance. Well-aligned axles can significantly cut on-road costs by optimizing gas mileage. They also reduce the amount of wear and tear on wheels and tires. This helps reduce the need for replacements and helps prevent on-road blowouts, which can reduce fleet efficiency.

The new alignment machine at Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth is fully capable of checking thrust vectors, wheel toe, and bringing the scrub radius back to spec with precise measurements. Alignments can be conducted quickly and at a reasonable price, making it a great reason to visit Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth. They also recommend a three-axle alignment when purchasing pre-owned vehicles, to get the best value from the purchase.

Whether a buyer is coming from New York, DC, or any surrounding states, they always get a great deal on purchase and service of vehicles from Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth.

About Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth

Originally founded in the early 1980s, Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth has grown to be one of the largest and most-trusted truck dealerships in the northeast. With two locations, in Coopersburg, PA, and Swedesboro, NJ, Coopersburg & Liberty is in a prime location to offer Kenworth Vehicles to New York, DC, and other surrounding areas. With huge lots, a vast selection of parts, and a reputation for great service, customers from miles around love Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth.

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