ELD Mandate – VDO RoadLog

January 8, 2019

ELD Mandate Solution – VDO RoadLog

One year after the ELD Mandate, drivers are still trying to “navigate” through ELD choices. Consider a road log with a reputation for being simple, secure, and affordable. The VDO RoadLog meets all of those demands.  In fact, there are no VDO RoadLog fees for one-time installations!

The New Year is sure to present a number of new choices for drivers and fleet owners looking to maximize efficiencies.  Commercial truck technology will surely continue to evolve, and tech options will expand. Since the ELD Mandate in 2017, drivers have transitioned from paper logbooks to ELD’s. Paper maps are all but obsolete, as GPS-enabled devices and vehicles are standard. Cumbersome processes have become automated. And, whenever a new demand presents itself, it seems “there’s (already) an app for that.” Choosing the right ELD (Electronic Logging Device) can be tricky. So, Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth Parts Departments decided to simplify your decision making process. We recommend the VDO RoadLog.


Take it from our customers – the VDO RoadLog ELD is simple to install and easy to learn.

It has a built-in printer which prints out an instant paper log. The log looks just like a traditional log book. This is especially beneficial if reporting to a compliance officer. Plus, the logs will only show information needed for compliance.

About Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth Parts Departments

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VDO RoadLog floor-displays are available at Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth Parts Departments. The CLK team of experts can answer technical questions about the VDO RoadLog.

Order the VDO RoadLog online or, purchase at either of our Parts Stores locations.