Air Dryer Maintenance

By John Pospischil on November 26, 2014 Cold Weather Solutions

We all know the importance of keeping the air system in our trucks working at 100% capacity. Not only do the braking and suspension systems depend on a reliable and consistent source of air pressure, but air system failures from water, particles and oil can create a truck down situation that can run into thousands of dollars of repairs and lost revenue!

What most folks do when maintaining the air dryer system is simply change the air dryer cartridge and call it a day. After seeing several air dryer assembly and purge valve issues I started wondering if just changing the cartridge was enough. After reading through the Bendix information on the issue and consulting with several technicians and parts managers, it appears that just changing that cartridge isn’t enough.

Not only did all the techs and parts folks I talk to suggest changing the Air Dryer Purge Valve but Bendix was very clear that replacing the valve is critical. Here we have the classic situation where spending a little now can save you a truck load of money later.

You may well be thinking, “Why bother?”, and that’s a great question! The reason that it is critical to change the Air Dryer Purge Valve is that it is possible for the valve to fail and possibly become stuck in the Air Dryer Assembly. Suddenly, you are looking at hundreds of dollars in parts and labor to replace the entire assembly when simply replacing the Purge Valve when changing the Air Dryer Cartridge could have prevented a truck down situation.

I don’t know about you but I would rather not be stuck on the side of the road with a load waiting for roadside service because someone didn’t perform routine maintenance properly.

So the next time your truck is in for air system service make sure to ask them to change that Air Dryer Purge Valve, your air system and your clients will thank you!

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