Effective Maintenance for Tri Axle Dump Trucks

August 24, 2017

A dump truck is defined as a large commercial vehicle mostly used for carrying construction material like gravel, cement, sand, or building waste. Dump trucks vary in size and capacity. There are five commonly known types of dump trucks. These are: Off Road Dump Truck, Common Dump Truck, Standard Dump Truck, Transfer Dump Truck, and Side Dump Trucks. Tri axle dump trucks for sale are large vehicles with three driving axles, hence the name.

Dump trucks are large vehicles, and therefore, quite expensive. Regular maintenance is crucial in avoiding costly expenses and preventing avoidable damage. With proper maintenance, tri axle dump trucks can go on to provide many years of service. For the proper upkeep of tri axle dump trucks for sale, it is important to have a proper periodic inspection of all systems, including the steering, engine, hydraulic systems, body structure and power train.

A dump truck requires four kinds of maintenance: Preventive maintenance, Wear Management, Breakdown Maintenance, and Operational Maintenance.

Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance involves regular checkup of the vehicle to ensure every part is working smoothly. This prevents any accidental damage during operation and extends the life of the vehicle.

It is imperative to promptly address any damage discovered during a routine inspection of a dump truck. To prevent future damage, it is essential to promptly repair the root of the defect once it has been identified. This is called wear management.

Breakdown Maintenance

Breakdown maintenance involves repair of parts that have already failed. This happens when the vehicle is old or has done a lot of heavy duty, leading to the breakdown of certain components. In order to determine the most effective course of action, it is important to conduct a comprehensive evaluation before deciding whether to repair or replace.

Operational Maintenance

Operational considerations of tri axle dump trucks for sale include sticking to weight limits and not overloading the dump truck. Knowing how to spot any sound or sign that isn’t normal, how to put out a fire in the dump bed, and maintaining safety while working all fall within the scope of operational maintenance.

With proper maintenance, a tri axle dump truck can be a great return on investment. Take care of small wear and damage immediately to prevent bigger expenses in future, and enhance the longevity of the vehicle.

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