Avoid These Common Causes of Dump Truck Driving Accidents!

May 17, 2018
Dump Truck Driving

There are dangers involved in any form of heavy machinery operation, but dump truck driving tends to be one of the most dangerous – and not just for the driver!  The issue is usually that dump trucks are being operated on work sites that often have limited mobility and plenty of other people around.  This creates ample opportunity for accidents, when a 30,000+ pound loaded vehicle and distracted workers are in close proximity.

Having sold new and used dump trucks for decades, we’ve always encouraged careful driving.  So, watch out for these major risk factors, and avoid them!

The Top Four Causes of Dump Truck Driving Accidents

1 – Tipping over

Dump trucks becoming unbalanced and tipping over, particularly during loading and unloading, is almost certainly the biggest cause of dump truck accidents.  Some of the best ways to avoid this include:

  • Only ever loading/unloading when the truck is on flat ground
  • Knowing the ground’s consistency, and only loading when it’s sufficiently solid and unlikely to shift
  • Making sure incoming loads are spread evenly, to keep the weight distributed
  • Keeping up on maintenance, so the lift hydraulics can’t fail

2 – Backing up

Dump trucks often have very limited visibility to the rear, and that can cause issues whenever backing up.  Be certain that your warning sounds and lights are working before entering a job site!  Also, whenever possible, use a spotter when backing up so that they can watch for pedestrians for you.

3 – Driving with the truck bed raised

It might be tempting to keep the bed raised for the sake of saving a few minutes, but this is extremely dangerous.  The truck isn’t balanced to run with the bed raised, and it significantly increases the height of the truck – making it more likely you’ll hit obstacles, low-hanging power lines, or worse.  There’s no situation where driving with the bed raised is ever justifiable.

4 – Poor maintenance

As with any vehicle, poor maintenance can easily lead to blowouts, equipment failures, and more.  However, most vehicles are not so large, heavy, and dangerous as a dump truck.  Do frequent inspections of your truck before driving and fix any minor issues before they become major issues.

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