The Advantages of Different Dump Trucks

July 1, 2017

With plenty of trash being generated and months of construction still expected, there’s a lot of interest in dump trucks. Dump trucks are an excellent investment for municipal governments as well as a variety of contractors, specifically because of their versatility. They can haul far more than just garbage, making them a great multipurpose solution. There are so many advantages to owning and operating a dump truck.

However, there are several types of dump trucks for sale in PA, including construction dumpers, tri-axles, and tandem dump trucks. Let’s take a quick look at their advantages and what situations they’re best suited for.

Construction Dump Trucks

Construction dump trucks are specifically designed to haul substantial amounts of material on and off of construction sites. These types include the transfer dumper or off-road dump truck. They tend to be quite bulky, and in some situations, may not even be allowed to run fully-loaded on paved highways due to weight issues. They’re excellent for such specialty work, but can lack versatility in their applications.

Tandem Dump Trucks

Tandem dump trucks feature two powered rear axles situated near each other that run in tandem, giving them superior power for moving in and out of rough locations. They sometimes can run into weight issues – particularly when fully loaded – due to only having three axles total. However, much of the time they are road-certified, particularly when moving lighter materials. This type is among the cheaper options in dump trucks.

Tri-Axle Dump Trucks

Tri-axle dumpers are among the most versatile options. They include a fourth “optional” axle which can be lowered to decrease per-axle weight distribution. Or it can be raised when not needed, which reduces wear on its tires. This up-or-down axle system and associated machinery adds somewhat to the price, but many tri-axle dump trucks pay for themselves with their ability to drive long distances legally. 

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