Are You Looking to Buy a Used Dump Truck? Remember These Vital Inspection Tips

April 16, 2018
Inspection Tips

Buying a used dump truck can be an excellent way to save a lot of money on your vehicle budget!  A well-maintained used dump can potentially still have years or decades of life left in it while costing half or less of what a new vehicle would. But, of course, in the wrong cases, you can get a serious lemon – a truck which will require major upgrades to be usable or might not ever be fully fit to drive.  Here are some vital inspection tips to know before buying a used dump truck.

Four Aspects of a Used Dump Truck You Should Always Investigate Before Buying

1. The body and dump box

Start by giving the truck a good walk-around.  You’re looking for overt signs of wear and neglect, including cracks or rust.  If you see problems with the exterior, that’s a bad sign since it tends to indicate that the previous owner wasn’t even paying for basic maintenance.

The same goes for the tires.  A used truck with badly-worn tires in need of replacement probably wasn’t kept up in general.

2. Framework

Next, check the frame.  What you want to see are nice, straight pieces of framework without signs of bowing or buckling.  If the frame bows downwards, that means the truck was run while over-loaded, and there could be numerous other problems – such as with the axles or hydraulics – as a result.

3. The hydraulics

A dump truck is going to have hydraulic lift cylinders in nearly all cases, and those are another critical component, which is frequently damaged in poorly-maintained vehicles.  Look closely for any signs of cracks or buckling!  Also, check the fluid reservoir for any signs of leakage.  If there are, you probably want to move on to another vehicle.

4. Cab status                                    

How does the cab look?  Has the previous owner at least kept it well-maintained?  Also, be sure to start the truck up, and verify all the various controls work properly.  Never buy a used truck without a test drive!

Finally, you might consider having an expert mechanic come with you, even if they want some money for their trouble.  They’ll have a much better eye for problems, particularly in the engine compartment.

Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth

Take these inspection tips before or while looking for the right dump truck for you. For a quality Kenworth used dump trucks, come visit Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth today!